At ‘The Hub’. Further footage of duo session 24th November 2023. 

AURORA'S DANCE  a film inspired by and featuring the music ‘Aurora’s Dream Waltz' by Simon Deeley.  

The Steve King Big Band recording 'Radnor's Blue Latin' by Simon Deeley 2nd November 2023. 

At ‘The Hub’. Duo session 24th November 2023.     

The Steve King Big Band recording ‘Samba de Llanandras’ by Simon Deeley, 2nd November 2023. 

Duo Sessions - April 2022 Part One.

Blue Haze at the Barrels, Hereford, performing tracks from Afan's Dance.

Blue Haze Quartet play 'Oh Jive That Offa's Way' by Simon Deeley at The Lion Ballroom, Leominster and St. George's Hall, Bewdley.

'Down Radnor's Quiet Way' composed and played by Simon Deeley at St. George's Hall, Bewdley.