MEDIA EVENTS: Broadcasts, Printed Media & Online Platforms


BBC:  feature and interview on 'Jazz with John Hellings', BBC Hereford & Worcester -                      27/10/2019. 

           The show featured Blue Haze's upcoming album release - Afan's Dance. 

ALL ABOUT JAZZ:  the track 'On Afan's Dance' from the 2020 album AFAN'S                                                                     DANCE, was voted into the top ten most favourite tracks for                                                             June 2020. 

BBC:  'The Velvet Blue' (opening track of Afan's Dance) was played on 'Jazz gyda Tomos                    Williams' BBC Radio Cymru - 24/4/2020.    

BBC:  Blue Haze featured on 'Jazz Record Requests', BBC Radio 3 - 1/11/2020. 

            Track played - 'Hey! It's Samba de Hay'. 

BBC:  Blue Haze featured for a second time on 'Jazz Record Requests' - 27/12/2020. 

            Track played - Hey CC!  

JAZZ IN EUROPE:  2020 release - Afan's Dance - featured in 'New Releases', full page                                                  display - September 2020 issue.  

JAZZWISE:  Indigo Horizon EP (2021) reviewed in June issue. 

ALL ABOUT JAZZ:  The track 'Blue Blues Horizon' (from Indigo Horizon) was                                                                   featured as 'Song of the Day' - 3 July 2021. 

ALL ABOUT JAZZ: June 2022 Features:  The track 'Free Spirit' (from Indigo                                                                 Horizon') was featured as 'Song of the Day' -  23/6/ 2022 - &                                                            'The St. Andrew's Sessions - Part One' was featured as                                                                         'Video of the Day' - 30/6/2022. 

ALL ABOUT JAZZ:  'The St. Andrew's Sessions - Part Two' was featured                                                                               12 December 2022.  

RADIO CARDIFF: The track ‘Sancho’s Danza' (from ‘String Rise Azure Traces’) was                                                      featured on the Andy Roberts show on 24 April 2023.  

PURE WEST RADIO: ‘Sancho’s Danza' was featured on the show ‘Jazz Box’ on 27 April                                                   2023.  

WORLD OF JAZZ SHOW: The track ‘Theme of the Legends’ was featured on the show on                                                      14 May 2023. Presenter Bob Osborne also played the track on                                                        his ‘Different Noises' radio show blog, during May.             

 All ABOUT JAZZ: The track ‘Theme of the Legends’ (from ‘String Rise Azure Traces’) was                                        featured as ‘Song of the Day’ - 31 July 2023. 

ALL ABOUT JAZZ: The track ‘On Echoes Andalucia’ (from ‘String Rise Azure Traces’) was                                           featured as ‘Song of the Day’ - 22 March 2024.