MEDIA EVENTS: Broadcasts & Printed Media


BBC:  feature and interview on 'Jazz with John Hellings', BBC Hereford & Worcester -                          27/10/2019. 

           The show featured Blue Haze's upcoming album release - Afan's Dance. 

ALL ABOUT JAZZ:  the track 'On Afan's Dance' from the 2020 album AFAN'S                                                           DANCE, was voted into the top ten most favourite tracks for                                                                 June 2020. 

BBC:  'The Velvet Blue' (opening track of Afan's Dance) was played on 'Jazz gyda Tomos                    Williams' BBC Radio Cymru - 24/4/2020.    

BBC:  Blue Haze featured on 'Jazz Record Requests', BBC Radio 3 - 1/11/2020. 

            Track played - 'Hey! It's Samba de Hay'. 

BBC:  Blue Haze featured for a second time on 'Jazz Record Requests' - 27/12/2020. 

            Track played - Hey CC!  

JAZZ IN EUROPE:  2020 release - Afan's Dance - featured in 'New Releases', full page                                                     review - September 2020 issue.  

JAZZWISE:  Indigo Horizon EP (2021) reviewed in June issue. 

ALL ABOUT JAZZ:  The track 'Blue Blues Horizon' (from Indigo Horizon) was                                                                        featured as 'Song of the Day' - 3 July 2021. 

ALL ABOUT JAZZ: June 2022 Features:  The track 'Free Spirit' (from Indigo                                                                 Horizon') was featured as 'Song of the Day' -  23/6/ 2022 - &                                                            'The St. Andrew's Sessions - Part One' was featured as                                                                             'Video of the Day' - 30/6/2022. 

ALL ABOUT JAZZ:  'The St. Andrew's Sessions - Part Two' was featured                                                                               12 December 2022.