SIMON DEELEY Composer, Jazz Pianist 

Based in Wales UK 



Making composition the main focus of my creative output. And, getting my work recorded and videoed, plus, also getting some of my compositions arranged for larger ensembles including big bands. 

CURRENT PROJECTS: Creating big band arrangements of several of my compositions: I have been steadily working on creating big band arrangements of certain of my compositions. These are pieces that I've thought for sometime would work well scored for larger forces. I have been working in collaboration with fine Sheffield based arranger and composer Chris Nobel to create these arrangements, and, the chart for my 2016 piece ''Oh Jive That Offa's Way '' has just been completed. That is the fourth big band chart that we've created up to date. More arrangements are scheduled to be created in the coming months. 

Of course, it's very important for me that these arrangements are played and I'm very pleased that over the last year I have been able to collaborate with a very fine band from the B'ham/W. Midlands (UK) area, The Steve King Big Band, to work on and then record two of the charts ''Samba de Llanandras'' and ''Radnor's Blue Latin'' back in November last year (2023) . Click the link to watch videos of the two arrangements being recorded.  

I'm currently in the process of interesting other bands in taking up and performing the arrangements. 

The other main focus at the moment is a commission to compose a piece for an important film project that is in development that will create a film documenting the formation and achievement of an environmental organisation in my area the ''Dark Skies Project''. This group was formed with the object of cutting light pollution in the area which badly effects nature and wildlife and also astronomical observation. The title of my piece is ''Megrez'' this is the name of one of the seven main stars of the asterism The Plough or Big Dipper, which is seen in the night sky. It is, actually, one of the four stars that make the shape of the plough blade. As a reflection of this I have shaped the piece round the number four so, there are four sections, four keys and quite a lot of the harmony is built on fourth intervals. I chose The Plough as the subject for my composition because it's such a well known body in the night sky and so everyone, wherever they're from, can identify with it. My music will be set to the part of the film showing stunning, spectacular pictures of the night sky and space images. 

It is planned that the film will make an important contribution to spreading the word about the Dark Skies Project so that other places in Wales (and potentially other areas in the world) will wish to become ''Dark Skies'' communities too. 

I am also working on several other new compositions which I'm planning to record and then release - in the autumn or early next year- as a combination of EP and individual single. Also, I'm planning to have the recording session filmed to make a video document of the session. I'm very interested in the music & film or music & movie image art form - whether that be creating a film around or interpreting a particular track or a film of a live performance or show both of which undergoing skilled and creative editing to produce a strong and memorable experience for the viewer - most often termed, of course, music video format. In this creative field I have, in collaboration with award winning film maker Howard Smith (who will also be creating the documentary film about the 'Dark Skies Project' ),   produced a - steadily growing - collection of music videos. To view some of these go to the video page of this website. 



My writing covers four main genres: Jazz-Fusion, Latin-Jazz, Ballad Form and Atmospheric Cinematic (Film Style) work. And so, you will hear across the four albums of my compositions, recorded to date - groove-driven, blues-infused Jazz-Fusion tracks, vibrant, high-charged Latin-Jazz,  reflective, evocative Ballads and atmospheric, mood setting Film Style pieces. 


Simon grew up in the North Worcestershire village of Clent Nr. Kidderminster, UK.

He started his musical studies with piano lessons at age seven. Up until his mid twenties, his studies were focused on classical music, however, alongside his classical work he always had an interest in jazz, blues and rock music. music. This strong interest (in these other styles) became an ever increasing passion and focus for him as a developing performer which, in his late twenties, culminated in him starting to work with jazz musicians on the Midlands scene, and going on to play at well known jazz clubs and music venues in the Birmingham and W. Midlands area. During his time on the Midlands scene he played alongside some of the best known and acclaimed players on the scene, then, including - Bryan Corbett, Casey Greene, Percy Pursglove, Steve Ajao, Chris Gumbley and Andy Derrick.

In 2000 Simon started the well known Jazz at the Bonded Warehouse club, which he ran continuously for sixteen years, and which, regularly, saw top Midlands players and nationally acclaimed artists performing there. 

Alongside his performing career Simon has continuously worked as a piano teacher. In this field, he has, for many years now, specialised in jazz and improvisation tuition, having some twenty years ago, devised his own course of development in this genre.

Simon's other important focus is on composition. Right from his earliest beginnings as a jazz performer, he has always composed and presented his own music. As his career has progressed composition has become an ever more important aspect of his creative output, so that, now, it is his most important focus.

Since his move to the Welsh Borders in 2014, his concentration has been on writing, which has resulted in the production of four albums and an EP of his music - Crossing Borders (2016), From the Blue Hills (2017), Afan's Dance (2019), Indigo Horizon EP (2021) and String Rise  Azure Traces (2023).   

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